Music Videos Analysis – Unit 2: PMD1&2 OneRepublic – Counting Stars Music Video

Purpose of this music video:
The purpose of this music video is to further promote their album ‘Native’ that has been released on the 22nd march to get mor high income of their music and also to promote them selves to increase their popularity around the world which they did as they got 23,256,223 views in 4 months where as the audio version only reach 10,096,472 which is still a descent number.

Style of the music video:
The style of the video has a mixture of performance and narrative in it because the band is performing (under the basement) playing their instruments and there is another story going on about christian people worshiping as the video cuts a long.

The music video for Counting Stars doesn’t have a strong relationship between the visuals and the lyrics. This is because the visuals focuses more on the band itself to highly promote the band name and looks/appearances to attract the audience which increases their fans unlike Katy perry friday night music video when there’s a strong relation ship between the text and video (but both of them are effective in their own way). How ever the combination of the music and the video does suit well together the way the sound plays  aggressive and energetic that the video expresses it by doing a lot of cut scenes every 3.23 – 4.32 sec so the video makes it exciting.

The music video was filmed on May 10, 2013, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and premiered on May 31, 2013. The video features the band performing the song in a gloomy basement surrounded by hanging light bulbs — which is interspersed with scenes of several people in a Christian revival service. At the end of the video, one of the people in the service falls through the floor, coming through the ceiling of the room the band is performing in. The video also shows clips of an alligator crawling through the basement.

Convention of the music video:

Depth of field exampleThey have included a lot of depth of field effects especially on the people praising in church that the camera only focus a certain pixel on the video that the rest of the pixel becomes blurred. This is to make the people emotions show much clearer and more understandable toDepth of field 2 the audience. The people on this video has a really strong body language and facial expression that need to be seen.

The lighting they have used for the artist performing under the basement are low-key because the color look darkish and has an element of looking ‘retro’ meaning there’s no much color available in it where as the church scene has a lot of  light available that it looks brighter and have much contrast.

Low key lightingAlso they have included long shots, close up shot and mid shot. This is to create emphasis on the artist, location and emotions. As they are the stars of the music video they have used a lot of close up shots to sell their faces to the public to be well-known. And if it’s a long shot it helps them move around the scene showing a lot of movements for example when they play their guitars.


They have used slow motion as well which exaggerate the video a bit more.Between the first couple of minutes of the start and end of the video the time of the cuts are really different between them.

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Music Videos Analysis – Unit 2: PMD1&2 Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball music video

The purpose of the music video:
The main purpose of this video is to highly promote Miley Cyrus album called ‘the bangerz’ that the expected release will be on 07 october 2013. The details of her album is putted below the video because its easy to interact the audience. The second album she did ‘break out’ was certified platinum by the recording industry association of america so I think that Miley would like to have that type of award again.wrecking ball

The purpose is to promote her self aswell. She was vanished in the holly wood industry for quite a long time in 2012 that she needed to get back on track. The song ‘we can’t stop’ was her debut song in 2013 that has gotten over 209,024,533 views that it became the fastest clip on vevo platform to reach 100 million views which made Miley get put back on the music industry.

Style of the music video:

The music video has an elements of performance to it that you will see a lot of her lip syncing in the video.  At the beginning of the video you will only her face for a long 30 seconds


“We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain We jumped, never asking why We kissed, I fell under your spell A love no one could deny Don’t you ever say I just walked away I will always want you”. Miley describes the song about her ex boyfriend ‘Liam hemsworth’ who them two recently broke up. That’s why on the music video Miley does a lot of emotional actions like her body language and her facial expressions for example her trying to smash a brick wall with a hammer showing frustration. However there are lots of dislikes on the video. I think this is because of what Miley Cyrus is doing like she was licking a hammer and was riding a  wrecking ball half-naked. The type of stuff she was doing on the video was not suitable for the audience especially half of her audience is children/young people as she was well-known for being Hannah montana. Loads of people have recently hated Miley for being like this (different) compare to the old days were she was always happy and her music was up beat that it will be always played on the radio during the summer holidays.

Also the music video is different compare to a mainstream music videos. Because you don’t really see the artist go wild half-naked and being weird on their videos. Like I cant imagine Taylor swift and Arianne grande being like this on their music videos.Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 15.07.09


The genre of this song is like pop/upbeat tempo kind of thing. The use of lighting of the video is ‘high key’ which means there is a lot of light available (bright) i think this is done to show Miley’s emotion clearly that the audience will understand it well. I got to admit that the music is good but the video doesn’t suits with the music. The video shows a lot of nudity and weird stuff going on that the lyrics doesn’t fit int to it but the title wrecking ball does get shown on the video but that’s only it . In my opinion If they change the video into narrative style (telling the audience a story instead) I think the outcome of themiley rating will be more different. The location is done in one place that includes a brick wall surrounding the artist and a wrecking ball in it and Miley only wore one clothing which is  a normal white shirt and a white shorts (bright colours) this means that the budget of their production didn’t cost them much. Between 00:44 – 1:06 the video changes every beat (cutting to the beat) this give the audience an excitement that they wouldn’t get bored.


The camera mostly focuses on mileys face that promotes her appearance so her popularity increases. The camera angle is a close shot that it  show’s a lot of clarity of her face.


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