Video Art Installation: REWIND “OVERVIEW”

I presented my installation in the class in a big screen this is because I wanted to show the class how effective the slow motion effect is when it comes to an action movements in a video. The slow motion looks great on a big screen because you can see how the action movements creates an exciting effect to the audience and it looks very intriguing how the actors movements looks robotic when its slow motion.

The music also goes well with it as i have to play the video and the music the same time, the music expands the excitement of it because how loud the speaker is that’s been built in the tv. The music i chose is called ‘go’ by the chemical brothers which links in with the story of chasing someone. The music is very weird having different types of bass, techno and beats having that 1980’s vibe into it.

The video and the music goes perfectly well together that it doesn’t matter if the beat is not cut into the video. The music makes it more exciting and makes the mood more strong in contrast with the video of the guy getting chased creating a thriller effect for the audience.

I had a lot of positive feedback of the videos getting questions about how i  made my slow motion effect, and how i created my story. I was very proud of this work because it’s very different and that is what’s this unit about that we can make anything whatever comes out in our brain.

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