Video Art installation IDEAS

My main plan is that I wanted to experiment the speed and duration of different videos that also has a story line into it. I want to experiment with rewinding videos from past to future, and have the story unfold at the end. I also want the videos to be in a slow motion so the viewers will see a lot of big gestures and facial expressions pretty well making an impact for the story.

Story: The story is going to be a guy who picked a wallet in a college corridor but as soon he picked it up the owners came out of nowhere looking for his wallet saw the guy picked it up. The guy got scared so he ran for his dear life getting chased by the owner. Until the chasing stop by the forest where eventually he got tripped and has no where to go leaving himself beaten up unconscious.

The video timeline it’s not going to be like this, it will start with the guy laying down the floor unconscious (present) and it will rewind of the chase until the point he picked up the wallet.

And then at the end i want a different scenarios, one where he picked the wallet and two where he didn’t picked the wallet. This gives a good message across to the audience that don’t ever steals someone’s belongings especially wallet because they might end up like the guy on this video.

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