Unit 27 Pre Production – Script Facts & Quotes

Regarding conditions in the tents:

I have learnt what rough life is, I shan’t know how to feel when I sleep in a bed again and have my meals off a table, after sleeping on the floor and having my blankets for a chair and my knees or the floor for a table. You would laugh to see us sitting round the tent, laughing and talking, all as happy as can be”. – Arthur Goodchild

Regarding the food whilst in the tents it at least seemed good:

‘We have hot sausages for breakfast, sometimes bacon.  We have hot beef and potatoes for dinner.  We have not had a cold dinner only once, and that was when we come from Ipswich.  We had some good cake last Sunday for tea, and I always have all the tea I can drink’

Arthur Goodchild

Regarding the improvement of the huts:

“I like the huts much better than tents, it’s a treat after what we have been used to and no mistake, it’s cleaner and dryer and more room and we can get our meals better, we can see out of the windows right across the sea, there are six windows in each and two doors”.  –Arthur Godchild

Work of the YMCA:

“As soon as the troops were in training the Association lost no time in pitching their large marquees, in which to cater for the social, spiritual, intellectual and moral welfare of the men in training.”

Worthing Gazette, 2nd December 1914

Canadian view of YMCA work when there in 1917 –

‘a glimpse of home and comfort for thousands of us who are alone in a strange country’,

Worthing Gazette, 18th July 1917

The Canadian mutiny as reported by Canadian A. Y. Jackson who was stationed in Shoreham Camp in 1917:

‘I arrived back in Shoreham just in time to get mixed up in a mutiny. The company of which I was a member refused to go on parade. The poor food and bullying by N.C.O.’s had been too much for us.’

[summary of following text – After presenting complaints to their Captain who said he was aware the food was rotten and had himself been complaining to the authorities but no attention was being paid. He said the complaint would now go to headquarters and the men went back on parade.]

Jackson, A. 1958. A Painters Country C anada: Clarke, Irwin & Company Ltd. p39.

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